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5 Reasons Recruiters don’t Call Back

There is a  common worry most job seekers and even employees have faced with regards to securing a job. It is a common cry that often times recruiters don’t get back to explain why they were rejected for the job even after being granted an Interview . Most times people are very hopeful about an opening, waiting patiently not knowing someone else got the job, unfortunately without the decency of informing the Applicant of their rejection. People have worrying questions like; Why didn’t they call back despite my impressive CV and a good interview? Do I go ahead and take this other offer? But what if they later on get back to me? Worst is that some people let go of other juicy offers because of a pending expectant feedback that never comes. Despite the number of times you message, call or email your recruiters, if you’re falling short of what they require, you will only be perceived as a pest. Let’s discuss 5 of such reasons.

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1). No Formal Application

In most cases especially on professional sites, people only show interest in a role but don’t actually take out time to formally apply. Reaching out on a social network, expressing interest in a position or verbally asking the recruiter to consider your public profile does not count. You may be expecting a feedback from the recruiter whereas you didn’t actually send your initials.

2). Unqualified

Most times when recruiters put up a vacant position, they receive tons of unqualified applicants. It could be that the position warrants someone with an MBA or certain years of experience in a particular field.  If you don’t meet up to the qualifications, obviously a more qualified and experienced person stands a chance over you. It’s advisable to always go through the fine print of the job description and look at the desirable or preferred attributes.

3). Something You Said

It is possible that your recruiters didn’t get back to you because of something you said that made you less attractive for the role. Maybe you stay far away from the workplace. Maybe your junior from a previous company would be your new boss. Maybe you started the conversation with an unrealistic salary or benefits expectations. The hiring manager is unlikely to share his true concerns with you and you may get no feedback.

4). Change in Company’s Priorities

A company’s priorities may change midway through a hiring process and the existing vacancy ceases to exist for the time being. The hiring manager may find it difficult to justify the company’s about-turn given the time and effort invested into the process. So he or she may simply stop calling you or give you a standard response when you try to follow up.

5). Disorganised process

For certain you may have sent in your Application and you are well deserving of the position. Recruitment agencies are usually overburdened in the selection process. Probably your application may have slipped through the cracks. To avoid being a victim of chance, follow up with the recruiter or hiring manager within two days to get a confirmation on your application.

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