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Unprofessionalism at Work Places

Work places ought to be the most professional ground with everyone adhering to company’s rules and work ethics. The bitter truth is that, unprofessional activities are very common in most offices today. Unlike what Enrico Colantoni says “I believe that no one can teach you how to act, but schools do give you an environment to make mistakes, to learn techniques and to learn professionalism.” , some people will never learn. Unprofessional behavior  in the workplace is one thing which smears ones reputation, affects collaboration and reduces employee productivity and efficiency. Most times workers struggle a lot to give in their all. The earlier such unacceptable behaviours are addressed, the better for the organization. Let’s discuss some of such Malpractices and strategies to remedy them.

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The Height of unprofessionalism is the unwillingness to carry out the job you pledged to do. Worst is when recruiters and supervisors have to run behind you for you to be able to do the job you applied for. There’s absolutely no way progress can be recorded if each and every one falls short in their domain. It’s a profession, so everyone ought to do their bidding. It’s very unprofessional for you not to do the work you’re paid for.

Intimidation and Bullying

Bullies aren’t restricted to elementary school playgrounds cause they exist in corporate environments as well. Workplace bullying is one of the biggest problems facing employees now especially when they are faced with Continuous mistreatment, 

Unfair criticism, unpaid dues, Public humiliation,

Social exclusion. In some cases, highly productive staff receive death threats from jealous colleagues especially in case of a promotion or increment. Employees are humans, not machines. They have emotions and do get offended. As well as they have rights. To put a stop to such happenings, there ought to be a system put in place for taking complaints related to bullying and intimidation, the need to carry out investigations, and in maintaining a zero-tolerance stance towards bullying. Employees deserve to be explained to in cases of delayed salaries. Without which even the most efficient employees will have to quit because they feel unsafe and exploited. 

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment remains one of the most unprofessional and costliest behaviors exhibited in a professional milieu. Such behaviour is detrimental to the company’s reputation. It breeds discontent and causes high employee turnover. Worst still is when employers use their powers and authority to make ridiculous requests. People aren’t sacrificing so much time away from family to make a decent living, only to be stripped off their dignity. Sexually suggestive jokes, lewd comments, inappropriately touching shouldn’t be treated lightly. 


This shouldn’t even exist in a professional setting. Unfortunately it does. People who indulge in gossiping showcase incompetence and belittle themselves. Most times they are responsible for incorrect flying news. The aim should be to do the work you’re hired for, and retire home.

Professionalism is not actually all about how you behave or how you look. It is also about getting the job done. It is therefore hard to tell that someone is unprofessional by just merely depending on their looks. A positive working environment promotes efficiency, productivity, performance, teamwork and camaraderie. However, employers shouldn’t be insensitive to prevailing misconducts.

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