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Velveeta Viban, A Serviceable Leader at Heart

There is a Formidable force African Women are building as they climb the ladder of Leadership. Brave, Purpose driven, Excellent, resilient, results driven, Women have proven to be reliable fit for any Administrative role. The likes of Velveeta Viban, is a proof of the necessity for Women Empowerment. She is an avid gender advocate and creative enthusiast with a passion for inclusive communities, humanitarian aid, people empowerment and content creation. She has mastered the rubrics of effective communications and marketing. She has been appointed as the Africa Regional Lead for the African Women Leadership Forum (AWLF), an empowerment platform for African Women; geared at changing the narratives of leadership for women in Africa and beyond. She is also the Co-Founder/Creative/Project leads for ImageNation-PR Agency.

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She equally sits as the Executive Director for I’m Human Org. For over 5 years now she’s multitasking as Project and Communications Manager for Happy Mother Happy Child. Her experience extends through project management, communications, employee relations,  brand content marketing strategies and has won multiple African awards for service to girl child education and women empowerment. She is a promoter for digital skills for women living with disabilities with a passion for service and problem-oriented solutions. She has led GBV response projects and livelihood projects helping over 3000+ vulnerable women, children and girls across Nigeria, Cameroon and Kenya.

Smart, Confident and Resourceful, Her tenacity and versatility has earned her recognitions; The 2022 Focus Africa Series 100 Leading/Emerging Women in Africa. The 2022 African Women Summit : Peace and Girl Child Education Champion.

In 2010 she worked as Deputy program’s officer for CAMYOSFOP. From 2014 to 2016, she worked for Guinness Cameroun SA. She moved from Personal Assistant to Managing Director and Finance Director, to Employee Engagement Specialist. In 2018 she worked as Marketing and Corporate Communications Support for United Bank of Africa. In 2019 she served as Key Account/Content Manager for Studio 89 SARL. 

Velveeta holds an Master’s in International Relations and bachelors of law. 

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