Prosper Honoré Sugewe, the Business Specialist

Prosper Honoré Sugewe is one man whose stamina in international relations has made him stand out. He is the Founder and chairman of HPS International Consulting. He earned a Master degree in Business Law from the University of Yaounde II in Cameroon and a Master degree in international corporate finance and financial markets from the University of Wolverhampton in the United Kingdom. Grounded in Financial Analysis and a Capital Marker Lobbyist, his over 15 years International experience in Foreign Direct investment to Africa is worth noting.

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 HPS International Consulting, is an investment consulting and capital lobbying firm. Over the years, he’s successfully transformed it from a small firm to a multinational consulting firm in major financial markets. He is a gem when it comes to Investment and Financial Consultancy reason why many multinationals are willing to patronize him.

His great works has brought him to the lamplight with many businesses opened courtesy of his sagesse in the field. He has equally Paved the way for multinationals to consider creating new business opportunities across Africa.

In November 2020, HPS international Consulting obtained authorization for the launching of a Television channel. Today HPS International Consulting Plc is the editor of HPS Tv, the first pan African business information Channel that broadcasts economic and financial news for African’s investors, focusing on expert analysis and insight relating to economic and development issues. Still in 2020, Prosper Honoré, founded the first Central Africa Credit Rating Agency , Ewatch Africa Investment Analytica Plc.

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