Alios Finance Cameroun Launches Multi-Tranche Bond Issuance to Fund Strategic Development Plan

Alios Finance Cameroon, a prominent player in the Cameroonian leasing market, boasting a remarkable 27% market share, has embarked on a capital-raising venture in the CEMAC financial market through a strategic bonds issuance. With the operation aptly named « EO Alios Finance CAM 2023-2028 » and skillfully managed by BGFI Bourse, the enterprise has garnered the green light from Cosumaf, setting the stage for subscriptions commencing on July 17th and concluding on August 16th.

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The issuance is composed of 1 million bonds, each valued at 10,000 FCFA, as the company endeavors to secure a substantial total of 10 billion FCFA. The offering is segmented into two tranches, each bearing distinct interest rates. The first tranche, with a 3-year maturity, entices investors with a competitive 6% yield on 3 billion FCFA, while the second tranche, with a longer 5-year horizon, offers an enticing annual return of 6.50%. In accomplishing this feat, Alios Finance marks itself as the second issuer, after the Cameroon government, to venture into the multi-rate bonds market within the CEMAC region this year.

This momentous endeavor marks the third public bond offering by the Cameroonian leasing giant on the regional financial stage. Previous successes include raising 8 billion FCFA at a favorable 5.75% rate in 2018 and securing 8.5 billion FCFA at a compelling 5.40% yield in 2021.

The substantial funds amassed through this issuance will be directed primarily towards realizing the ambitious « Strategic Development Plan for 2028 » of Alios Finance Cameroon. This comprehensive strategy centers around bolstering the institutional positioning of ALIOS Finance Cameroon, consolidating its leadership within the sector, and ensuring the stability and quality of its services.

Regarding repayment, the comprehensive information document provided by the credit lessor reveals a semi-annual repayment structure for both tranches, encompassing both principal and interest payments. This repayment schedule commences from the agreed-upon enjoyment date following a six-month deferment period. Notably, a dedicated escrow account, hosted by BGFIBank Cameroon, will be established to facilitate this process, with monthly contributions amounting to 1/6 of the impending repayment installment.

The acquired securities will be officially listed on the Central African Regional Stock Exchange (BVMAC), enabling holders to trade them before maturity and potentially capitalize on favorable price fluctuations, thus offering an added layer of liquidity and investment opportunities for investors.

In conclusion, Alios Finance Cameroon’s strategic bond offering presents a compelling opportunity for investors to partake in the growth and expansion of a leading credit leasing entity in the Cameroonian market. By skillfully navigating the capital market waters and propelling their « Strategic Development Plan for 2028, » Alios Finance is poised for a robust trajectory towards achieving its corporate objectives and solidifying its position as a key player within the financial landscape of the CEMAC region.


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