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Ngwane Liz: Blending Artistry with Eco-Consciousness

Ngwane Liz is a Cameroonian environmental engineer and fashion designer who is making sustainability a core part of her creative vision. As the founder and creative director of Margo’s Mode, one of Cameroon’s leading fashion brands, Liz has spent over five years using fashion as a tool for positive social and environmental change.

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After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering from Institut Universitaire de Technologie de Ngaoundere in 2015, Liz decided to blend her passion for the environment with her creative talents. She founded Margo’s Mode with the mission of preserving African culture and stories through fashion while also advocating for sustainability.

Liz works closely with local Cameroonian artisans, providing them with consistent work and fair pay. She collaborates with artists, painters, and makers to handcraft unique garments that tell the stories of various African communities. Her eco-conscious approach ensures that traditional skills and heritage are passed on while minimizing fashion’s environmental impact.

In addition to managing her fashion brand, Liz serves as project coordinator for No Waste Factory, an organization dedicated to environmental preservation. She continues to use her platform and influence to raise awareness about sustainability issues and empower women and girls.

Through her imaginative designs and responsible business practices, Ngwane Liz represents a new generation of African creatives who are blending artistry with social good. Her work is helping redefine the future of the continent’s fashion industry.

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