Eugene Cissé Kouoh, Managing Director ASCA Asset Management (Attijariwafa Bank Group)

The Path of Success is a shining light that announces and reveals the potentials and capabilities of one who has taken the risk to dare, drowned in diligence. It has a way of attracting more responsibilities for a satisfactory an efficient output. Eugene Cissé Kouoh is an Executive whose height in career depicts him as a Hardworker with a taste for Excellence geared towards attaining a positive metamorphosis. No wonder for over 2 years, he has been effectively taking the lead at ASCA Asset Management (Attijariwafa Bank Group) as Managing Director. Newly elected, he is assuming the post of President of the Professional Association of Portfolio Management Companies in Central Africa (ASGPAC). Another opportunity handed to him to register more wins.

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This is a clear proof of a man who has paid the price to have won the hearts and minds of the ASGPAC community, to have been entrusted with such responsibilities. With over 14 years serving in the Banking and Finance sector, much is expected of him during his 2 year term at the top. He is a man who believes that a good working environment is a necessity to facilitate development and execution of Companies Strategies. In the year 2008 he took up the role as Associate Financial Markets Dealer(ALM & FX Sales) at Standard Chartered Bank in Cameroon. He served until 2016, before joining Attijari Securities Central Africa – ASCA Asset Management as Fund Manager. From 2018 to 2020, he was raised to Chief Investment Officer Central Africa.

The Cameroonian born has not only defended his prowess as a dependable leader of change, but has equally added Feathers to the crown of his nation, Showcasing that his Fatherland can boast of Products who are shooting stars beyond the national borders. An eye opener to everyone that Success is Intentional with Hardwork and Resilience as a Yardstick to sail Successfully. He has A Master’s II in Banking and International Finance from the International Relations Institute.

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