Discover the four innovative projects of the Orange Summer Challenge 2021

Orange Summer Challenge is a 3-month competition that took place from 1st July to 30th September. The first edition in Cameroon was organised this year by Orange Digital Center and its partner Google in association with Sisley, world leader in high-end cosmetics, and Paprec, French leader in the collection and recycling of industrial and household waste.

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Based on the theme of this year’s competition : « Innovative technologies for plastic waste recycling », the 20 Cameroonian students selected and grouped into 4 teams used their creativity and team spirit to present innovative projects.

 At the end of the competition, the four innovative solutions developed by these students were presented to the general public to determine the winners.

Below is a brief presentation of the winners and their projects.


 They were undoubtedly the most innovative in their projects and were able to win the 1st prize thereby winning 5 paid academic internships at Orange Cameroon, the equivalent of 1,250,000 francs.

 Recyclink is a digital platform that links various recycling professionals, in order to collect plastic waste at the source and also to raise awareness of the population through a community.

With their innovative solution, they proposed a better management of plastic waste; an optimization of the collection process and an awareness on the subject of plastic waste recycling.


The ingenious young people of Team Cayya came in 2nd thereby winning a prize of 875,000 francs.

The Cayya solution is a revolutionary digital terminal that allows you to collect plastic waste while having fun thanks to the game integrated into the terminal.

Cayya gives everyone the opportunity to save the environment while having fun with this educational waste collection game. The Cayya digital station is equipped with an on-board system that allows you to collect and store plastic waste.


The revolutionary Green Plan team wins the 3rd prize of the competition and a sum of 750 000 francs.

 Green Plan is an intelligent inclusive plastic bottle collection system with a payment option.

Green Plan is presented in two parts : the first is the material part, which consists of a set of collection machines located throughout the territory. The second is the application part, which consists of a mobile application to help use the collection machines and manage potential income.


The young people of the brilliant Roclo team came 4th in the final of the challenge, winning the sum of 500,000 francs. Their project was greatly appreciated by the trainers and the jury. They proposed an automatic system that collects plastic waste in aquatic areas while preventing its proliferation in the ocean.

Roclo as it was designed and presented to the public is a network of smart machines for collecting plastic waste in aquatic areas, acting in rivers, gullies and drains.

 This competition also benefits from two special prizes offered by its international partners :

 – The Google « Coup de Coeur » prize is awarded to a team for the quality of its project in all aspects (creativity, use of tools, business plan, technique).

The RECYCLINK team also won the Google partner’s « Coup de Coeur » award.

 They will receive 05 laptops orth about 3,289,473 francs.

  – The Sisley / Paprec prize

The Sisley/Paprec prize is a special prize offered to the first prize winner by the partners Sisley, world leader in high-end cosmetics, and Paprec, French leader in the collection and recycling of industrial and household waste.

 It was therefore won by the RECYCLINK team. That is the sum of 657,194 francs. All these teams have shown creativity and technical skills to develop these innovative solutions that we are looking forward to seeing evolve.

Orange Digital Center remains committed to supporting the employability and digital skills development of Cameroonian youth.

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